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HP is one of the brands that offer the widest range of computer hardware accessories to fulfill various demands of the customers. One of those hardware accessories is HP Printers that allows users to get hard copies of any textual or graphical data that is present in your device as a soft copy. There are a number of HP Printer models available in the market so that users can easily make a choice about which printer best fits their needs. Don’t get panicked if your printer shows “HP Printer Not printing” issue after setting it up with your PC as it may not have installed correctly. Read the installation manual carefully.

Regardless of its diverse features, HP Printer users may come across various issues while working with their HP machine. Some of the common problems are discussed in this article, along with the solutions to resolve them.

How to deal with “HP PRINTER NOT PRINTING” issue?

HP Printers are being used by millions of people around the world because they offer user-friendly printing along with delivering the best quality prints. Sometimes, HP machines may also start to create hindrance in your work by stopping to print abruptly. There are various problems which users face while printing, but one the most frequently occurred issue is “HP Printer not printing”. You may encounter this problem all of a sudden and this will make you curious about knowing the reason behind this problem. The probable causes of this issue could be the connectivity issue, faulty configuration or drivers. One thing you can visit – https://support.hp.com/us-en/topic/printscandoctor-printing-problems or dial HP Printer Support number to get in touch with the technicians who will help you to fix such issues with your HP device.


HP Printer won’t print is a very common issue faced by the users. There are numerous reasons due to which you can encounter this issue:

  • 1. Missing or outdated drivers
  • 2. Presence of faulty connections
  • 3. Bad configuration of your Operating System
  • 4. No ink or paper jamming issue
  • 5. Bad ink and toner issue
  • 6. The USB cable is not connected properly

If your HP printer stops the printing job, then there must be one of the above reasons because of which your HP printer is suffering. To resolve HP Printer Not Printing issue from your HP printer, you are just required to get in touch with HP Printer Customer Support.

Why is my HP Printer not printing black ink?

Printing devices may print out blank pages due to multiple reasons like having black ink missing from the printer; it has very little ink, and more. To get clear printouts, you need to replace the defective or empty cartridges or try to clean the print head.

The reason behind the HP printer not printing correctly can be caused because of several reasons which are listed below-

  • 1. There is no black ink in the cartridge.
  • 2. The black ink cartridge is not fitted in the slot properly, making it difficult for the printer to print.
  • 3. The ink slot is clogged up.
  • 4. Ink in the cartridges has been dried up.

How to resolve the ‘HP printer not printing black’ error?

There are two methods by which you can solve this Printing problem.

You can fit your Black cartridges in the slot once again-This method will ensure proper connectivity with the printing heads and ensures proper black color recognition. Make sure that the black cartridge is inserted properly in the cartridge slot before looking out for other solutions.

You can clean and align the cartridges once again-In order to clean your black ink cartridge, you need to install the CD software which received along with your HP Printer. You can then align the cartridges very easily by installing the program from the CD.

Why is HP Printer not printing colors correctly?

Because of low ink availability into the HP printer, your HP Printer not printing colors correctly. To get colored printout you have to fill the ink cartridge or else remove the ink cartridges and place it again. You may also directly contact HP Printer helpline number. One of the professional staff members will let you know the correct format of printing paper and how can you get rid of the issue.

How to get rid of “HP Printer won’t print” issue?

The probable cause of your “HP Printer won’t print” issue is the stuck print queue. The print queue that has failed print jobs can stop functioning in the way it should be and lead to “HP Printer not printing anything” issue. You can clear all print jobs to get the HP printer back to normal by tapping on the “Open Devices” option and going to “Printers” in the “Control Panel” of your device.

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