AOL desktop gold won’t open- A quick fix guide

AOL desktop gold won’t open- A quick fix guide





No matter you are having an crucial gathering for which you need to invite everybody through email or you wish to send emails on a regular basis just like you do it every day in your office, AOL desktop gold is always by your side. Unfortunately, sometimes when you click on its icon then AOL desktop gold won’t open. This may happen because of many reasons that are listed in this article. This article also gives you deep insights into how one can get rid of various AOL desktop gold problems by following a simple procedure.

Possible reasons why AOL desktop gold won’t open

Before a user starts to fix any kind of technical issue, he should first try to know the possible causes for the occurrence of the errors. If one doesn’t know the reason, then how on earth he will fix the problem. Some of the reasons are mentioned below why you are unable to use AOLdesktop gold.

  • 1. The software is unable to load because of the installation error.
  • 2. You have not followed the right procedure for installing the software.
  • 3. There might be some similar software on your device and that software is not showing its compatibility with this one and this is the reason why you are unable to open AOL desktop gold.
  • 4. Another major reason could be that your device is infected with a virus or malware. The presence of viruses hampers the application’s loading process.
  • 5. A damaged hard disk can also be the cause behind the occurrence of this problem.

If your reason is not listed here, then you should immediately connect to an expert at AOL support.

How to fix the “AOL desktop gold won’t open” issue?

You can take certain measures so that you can start using AOL desktop gold once again. These measures are mentioned below:

  • 1. Install an antivirus solution on your device and run a scan to remove malicious programs or viruses from the device on which you are using AOL Gold.
  • 2. Check that the Operating system of your device is updated.
  • 3. Recheck all the system specifications of your device.
  • 4. Ensure that your device is receiving a full-fledged internet connection.
  • 5. Make sure there are no junk files or incompatible programs running on your device.
  • 6. Allow the auto-update option in AOL Desktop gold settings.
  • 7. Do not forget to clear the browser’s cache regularly.
  • 8. If there are any firewall programs on your device, then you must disable them.
  • 9. Cancel or pause the programs whose download is going on in the background.
  • 10. Uninstall AOL desktop Gold and reinstall it again from the official website using the apt instruction as mentioned in the User’s Guide.

Resolve various other AOL desktop gold problems

If the measures that are mentioned here did not help you to fix the issue, then you may go for AOL mail help instantly. Here, you will get expert solutions for resolving various problems with your AOL mail or anything related to AOL. The expert technicians are always there to help you whenever you come across problems with AOL.

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Contact the Avast technical support number immediately and get a reliable solution of these issues so that they never happen again in future.

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