What is the best browser for pogo games?- Find out here

Pogo games, as we all know that are played by users across the globe. For they are fun, easy to play, and free games for beginners as well as advanced players. But, sometimes, your best gaming experience with pogo games could become your worst nightmare. Sometimes, users might have a tough time with it.

The main reason behind some of the most commonly faced issues by pogo game players is due to incompatible web browsers. Whenever they come across a web browser related issue, they have a question in their mind what is the best browser for pogo games. To seek the answer to this question, you may continue reading this post further.

Which browser is best for pogo games?

According to the system requirements to play Pogo games, the best browser for pogo games are as follows:

  • For Windows users, the best browser for pogo games is Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Since pogo games are based on Javascript, therefore, you cannot play pogo games on Edge or Chrome. By using these two browsers, you can only play Flash games but not Java games. If you wish to play pogo games with the best user experience, then you may try switching to Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Mac users can use the latest version of Safari or Mozilla Firefox for playing pogo games.

List of the best browser for pogo games

Internet Explorer

You should use Internet Explorer 11 for the ultimate gaming experience because Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10 are no longer supported. This is because Internet Explorer 11 is compatible with both Java as well as Flash.


Since Windows XP and Windows Vista pcs cannot be updated, users might not be able to install the latest version of Internet Explorer on it. Therefore, such users are recommended to move to Firefox. This is the only way out for them. Firefox is compatible with Flash. The same goes for Mac users as well. But, you can only play Java games because Firefox is not compatible with Java. So, you can always switch to using Internet Explorer.

Why can’t I use Chrome for pogo games?

Chrome is one of the most used web browsers for surfing the web and exploring things online. But it is shocking that you cannot play pogo games on Chrome. Although Chrome supports Flash but only the version before Chrome version 55. People using the later versions of Chrome need to use Adobe flash player for playing flash games.


Hopefully, you have got the answer to your question of what is the best browser for pogo games. For further information, you can get in touch with the Pogo tech support representative.

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