How Do I Connect My Dell Printer To A Wireless Network

Dell Printers are extremely cost-effective and developed for businesses, remote offices, small workgroups, and for personal use as well. With its entry-level, monochrome, laser, and other categories of printers, it is preferred by the organizations of all sizes that seek a fast, high-quality printing machine with a small footprint. Additionally, the industry offers round-the-clock availability of expert Dell support to its users from the different corner of the world to deliver better users experience.

Facilitating users with instant Dell technical support and wireless printing service, Dell has made it much easier to print from a distinct place. Suppose you are sitting in your office and the printer is not beside you, but you need an urgent print. In such a case, you can easily send a print task to the printer that must be connected to a wireless network and you will get a high-quality print in no time.

However, most of the users struggle to connect their Dell printer to a wireless network. If you too are going across the same situation, call on Dell technical support number and an expert technician will guide you with the directions. Alternatively, you can perform the steps below.

To connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS):

  1. Check all the connection are made firm and right
  2. Confirm the router and your Dell printer support WPS
  3. Long press on the WPS button on the printer
  • A message will display saying WPS mode is running should appear on the screen
  • If any error message appears, call on Dell technical support number to talk to the expert and know the fix of the issue
  1. Now, Long press on WPS button on the router
  2. Wait for to 2 minutes and let the devices connect

To confirm, execute a print task to check printer has successfully connected with the wireless network or not. In case not, connect with Dell technical support to find out if there is an issue with the printer or connection.


Trick To Disable Those Annoying Web Notifications With Avast

With multiple web browser related services with, Avast Browser Cleanup renders the major ease to turn down the unwanted web notifications. The web browser extension detects the poorly rated add-ons and notifications and enables you to turn off or to remove them without an effort. Additionally, Avast support of Browser Cleanup gives better browsing experience.

If you run Avast Browser Cleanup, you will realize how quickly it does the job. Avast Browser Cleanup entitles you to remove unwanted toolbars. Here, removing a toolbar is referring to uninstalling it completely and all its components from your PC and this action cannot be undone. If you want that toolbar again, you will need to uninstall it.

To leverage the features of Avast Browser Cleanup, get right  directions by calling Avast customer service number. Or, if you already use the extension, and want to disable the notifications, follow the instructions below.

Disable regular notifications from Avast Browser Cleanup

Standalone tool

  1. Launch Avast Browser Cleanup and go to settings option form the left menu
  2. Unmark the option opposite to ‘Check my browsers regularly for toolbars with bad user ratings’
  3. Save the changes and it will disable Web notifications with bad ratings
  • If you fail to make the settings, look for Avast customer support to get the fix

Antivirus smart scan

  1. Open Avast Browser Cleanup and go to settings
  2. Click Components from the section
  3. Select ‘Customize’ option opposite to Avast Browser Cleanup
  4. Unmark the option opposite to ‘Check my browsers regularly for toolbars with bad user ratings’
  5. Save the settings

You have made the changes successfully. If you fail to reach any step, go to Avast customer support. The experts under Avast support will guide you how to make changes and if you are facing any problem doing that too, the team of Avast customer support will help you fix it.


Why and how to turn on Kaspersky VPN?

Kaspersky VPN or Virtual Private Network available in Kaspersky Secure Connection enables users to use the internet without the worries of getting their confidential information leaked. Additionally, it privatizes your online identity and ensures the protection of the software and applications available on your device. It generally works when you connect your laptop or mobile phone to a public network. To know how to turn on Kaspersky VPN, contact Kaspersky online support team. However, if you want to enable it manually then here are the instructions:

  1. Install Kaspersky Secure Connection using the standard installation instructions
  2. Now, right-click on the notification panel and check if this security program is active in the background
  3. Click the Kaspersky Secure Connection icon
  4. If you don’t find Kaspersky Secure Connection in the notification panel, then open the Start menu and search Secure Connection from the list of programs displayed
  5. To turn on Kaspersky VPN, simply toggle switch over to activate
  6. You will be given an option to set location manually
  7. Change if required or leave it as it is
  8. It’s done

Whatever you will do on the connected network is secured now! After connecting your device to your home network, turn off the Kaspersky VPN. For any queries, call Kaspersky support executives. They will be glad to assist you.

Why should you always turn on Kaspersky while connecting to a public network?

If this is the question that is striking up your mind then read out the following points:

  1. Public networks such as at airports, restaurants, bars, etc. are not always secured
  2. Hackers can access these public networks quite easily, which may result in losing your confidential data
  3. Servers connected to the public networks may store the information such as your confidential passwords or banking information during transfers
  4. Public networks may store your information without your consent
  5. Public networks can redirect you to suspicious or infected websites
  6. If infected, the network can inject that infection to your device as well

For further information about Kaspersky Secure Connection or Kaspersky VPN, contact Kaspersky support online through email, live chat or by dialing their toll-free number.


How to be safe from Hackers Using Avast antivirus?

Festival season is approaching, and people are already buying new smartphones, computer devices and smart gadgets for themselves. Without wasting their time going for shopping centers, people are buying products online. To protect your newly purchased devices, it is always recommended to install a reliable security solution such as Avast. Offering its customers round the clock support services through Avast support number, the cybersecurity brand offers several products to choose from.

It is renowned security software having several incredible features in its kitty. One can easily do online shopping or any banking transaction without fearing about the hackers. However, some people are not proficient to install or set up the Avast software in their devices. To deal with such issues, 24/7 Avast help number is available.

Just be in touch of them, and all the issues will be fixed regarding installation, setup or configuration. Once a troubled user contacts the toll-free number, Avast support team will fix the user issues by taking the remote access of the user device.

If you are using a computer or smartphone with proper security installed in it, chances of getting trapped in cyber threats is quite minimum. Moreover, Avast also ensures that no virus or hacker can get into your system to steal your confidential data and to corrupt the software and applications installed on your device. For better security, you should always choose the right security solutions from the below-given Avast products:

  1. Avast Free Antivirus- active only for a period of 30-days
  2. Avast Internet Security
  3. Avast Premier
  4. Avast Mobile Security and more

No matter which one you choose, the basic security features such as smart scan, password protection, browser cleanup, cybercapture, and a few more will always be a part of your antivirus. Moreover, you don’t need to pay additional attention to scanning your device manually as Avast antivirus has a built-in feature of automatic scanning. Stay secured!


Zyxel chooses Webroot to deliver advanced security solutions to its customers

Zyxel Communications, the worldwide renowned manufacturer of networking devices, has joined hands with the leading antivirus and security software provider, Webroot. With this collaboration, the company is planning to embed Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services into its mounting range of networking products for home and small business users.

The Threat Intelligent Service including BrightCloud IP Reputation, BrightCloud Web classification Reputation, BrightCloud Real-time Anti-Phishing, and BrightCloud Web Classification & Reputation will strengthen Zyxel’s home and small business networking solutions. The announcement of this partnership has been made by Webroot.

This collaboration will benefit all Zyxel customers as they will be able to protect their networking products from all kinds of online threats such as malware, spyware, Ransomware, and more. Moreover, they can also protect themselves from unwanted and suspicious IPs, files, URLs and push notifications.

Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence service put together precise and operational threat intelligence into the security solutions. The technology makes the use of advanced machine learning and huge data architecture to maintain the security of the devices.

For information about other Webroot products, dial Webroot customer support number or visit the official website of Webroot.


How to Overcome the Booting Issue of Windows 10 on Your Dell Laptop?

Upgrading to Windows 10 or installing it is although a simple process but sometimes there can be some issue while or after installing or upgrading to it. A common issue we have witnessed recently is the boot error after installing or upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 on the Dell computer systems. Hence, this blog is dedicated to troubleshooting the very boot error. Please note that it is always better to seek authorized help from the Dell chat support before troubleshooting the issue yourself.

So, precisely, your Dell system is powering on correctly and showing the Dell BIOS screen at the boot-up but it won’t boot to Microsoft Windows 10 successfully. A few symptoms you may be experiencing of your Dell laptop or PC are:

  1. The system proceeds past the Dell screen but Windows does not finish booting;
  2. The Caps Lock key is illuminated when toggled;
  3. The hard drive activity light may flicker, stay on or be off;
  4. An error message may be present;
  5. No diagnostic codes are present;
  6. The power button lights up solid under its usual operating colour; and/or
  7. No sounds are heard from the operating system

While it is always recommended to seek a Dell chat live session to resolve the issue quickly, below are a few methods you can try, too.

Fix 1. Check if the computer finishes the initial power-up (POST).

It is seen in many cases that a computer won’t hand over control to the operating system. The POST process is completed successfully when the bar on the Dell logo screen fills up completely and disappears. If this does not happen, it’s a call for a fix. Now, you need to hard reset your Dell PC.

To hard reset:

  1. Power off the PC.
  2. Disconnect the AC adapter or power cable.
  3. Remove the battery if you are using a Dell laptop.
  4. Disconnect all external USB and output devices from your computer system.
  5. Press and hold the power button for 15–20 seconds. This will drain any residual power from your laptop.
  6. Now, connect the AC adapter or power cable to your laptop and place the battery back to it.
  7. Power on the PC. This method should fix the booting issue. If the situation persists, you can always contact the Dell support to get personalized help, or just skip to the next method.

Fix 2. Reset the BIOS to factory settings.

  1. Restart your Dell laptop or PC.
  2. During the Dell logo on the screen, press the F2 key repeatedly until you see Entering Setup on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Press a key listed at the bottom of the screen to load default settings. The key is specific to the BIOS your computer is using.
  4. Press ESC to exit the BIOS. Be sure to click on Save and Exit to save your changes.

There are a lot more methods to try out, but the most common and useful ones are the above two. However, we reiterate that you initiate a Dell chat live session so that the experts at Dell could see through your problem in a more specific fashion.


How do I setup two-step verification for my AOL account?

AOL is undoubtedly one of the most popular email services that are being used all across the globe. To enhance the security of your email account and the privacy of your AOL emails, you can add two-step verification feature to it. To know about 2-step verification, you can either contact AOL support or go through the below-given instructions:

Steps to enable 2-step verification

  1. Go to account security page in your AOL account
  2. Move the toggle button to the right to turn on 2-step verification
  3. Provide your mobile number in the right field
  4. Hit Send SMS or Call Me to receive the verification code as an SMS or via call
  5. Enter the same and hit Verify

How does this work?

The main motive of two-step verification is to protect your account from the cybercriminals. It also prevents the unauthorized access of your account. Just when you enter your AOL password to login to your AOL account, AOL sends you a code that needs to be entered to complete the sign in process. You will receive the code on your registered email ID or mobile number. If you are unable to access your AOL account then contact AOL customer service team for the immediate support services.

At any time, if you don’t want this feature then disable it by following these simple instructions:

  1. Open any web browser
  2. Login to your AOL account security page
  3. Go to Two Step Verification
  4. Move the toggle button to the left to turn off this feature

The best part of this specialized security feature is that it is also available in AOL Desktop Gold. Moreover, it doesn’t require a special password to login to your AOL Desktop Gold. For further information on this special AOL feature, call the official AOL support number and speak to a certified technician. You will be provided with the best possible solution.


Why purchase Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 printer?

Canon has undoubtedly become a renowned name in the printing industry. The company offers a wide range of printers to meet the diverse requirements of the consumers and business. Among all the printers, Canon image PROGRAF PRO-6000 printer is the one that has become a preferred choice. Those who are already using this printer and want Canon support to fix any error they are facing can call Canon support number.

On the other hand, if you are planning to purchase a Canon printer then these are its features will compel you choose Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000:

  1. Lucia Pro Ink Set

This specialized ink set includes 11-color pigment inks along with a Chroma Optimizer. The ink formulation process enables deeper color expressions, improved glass uniformity, better scratch resistance, and minimized graininess. These features bring out the best photographs.

  1. Hassle-free media loading

By simply setting the roll holder in the printer, you can get the media automatically feed into it. This reduces human efforts that were earlier required to set the paper in. It also minimizes the chances of blemishes and ceasing.

  1. Easy Wi-Fi connection establishment

Now, you can stay connected to the internet network and print photos directly from the internet. If you find any difficulty while performing this process then call the Canon support number for help.

  1. Huge Ink storage capacity

While purchasing a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 printer, you can choose from 160ml, 330ml, and 700ml ink tanks. This selection can be done based on your specific printing requirements.

  1. 320GB Hard drive

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 printer comes up with a built-in hard drive with a storage space of 320GB. It boosts up the productivity by reducing the workload from PC or Mac. Moreover, 320GB hard disk also allows job data to be stored in specialized mail boxes that can be further accessed through any web browser.

For further information on Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 printer, contact Canon support team. You will be given the best assistance by an expert.


Are you unable to configure two-step verification in your Kaspersky antivirus?

If you are conscious about the security of your Kaspersky antivirus account then you can set-up two-step verification. After turning on this function no one can get into your account without having an OTP which is supposed to send on your registered mobile number through SMS. Once this function is in place then you have to take extra care of your mobile phone.

By any chance, you lose your phone or you are not able to access to your phone then you will not be able to log in your account and Kaspersky support cannot help you in changing and getting access to your phone number.

How to set-up two-step verification?

  1. On the right corner of the page, select the link with your email address
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the “Account Settings”
  3. In the next window, you can make changes
  4. Now, select the “Security Tab”
  5. Choose the “Set-up” button
  6. Now, type your password
  7. Fill your mobile number and click “Get Code”
  8. Now, type the code sent to your mobile number and press “Confirm Button” a. Note: Once you set-up two-step verification then security questions function in your account will be turned-off permanently

How to change the phone number?

1.On the right corner of the page, select the link with your email address

Note: You can see the drop-down men

2.Select the “Account Settings” button

Note: One window appears and you can edit the settings

3.Now, select the “Security Tab”

4.Go to the Phone number field and edit your phone number

5.Type your new phone number and click “Get Code”

6.Now, type the code sent to your mobile number and press “Confirm Button”

Note: Your new phone number has been successfully updated for getting the security code

For more information on configuring the two-step verification, you can call the Kaspersky support number and you will get the immediate solution in no time.


How To Activate Windows 10 on Dell Laptop?

Dell users generally go with Windows operating system that gives its users a smooth interface with best features. When the Windows operating system goes outdated, it notifies users for activation. If you do not activate Windows 10, you may encounter various system changes such as vanishing of desktop wallpaper and abrupt setting tab for Windows activation and if you have genuine version of Windows 10 operating system, you can use the activation product key to activate Windows 10 on Dell laptop. If the pop-up window appears frequently, click to activate the system and follow the prompt your operating system will be activated in no time.

However, if you do not see any pop-up, get direct help from Dell customer support and the executives will guide you to activate Windows 10 or any other version of operating system you are using. Although there are different ways by which you can active a Windows-based operating system on Dell laptops, here you will learn how to do it manually.

Manual activation of Windows 10 on Dell Laptop 9

  • Turn on your Dell laptop and take the courser on the windows icon
  • Press the right button of the mouse while keeping the cursor on the start button and open Command Prompt (Admin)
  • To install a license key, use the command “slmgr /ipk yourlicensekey”
  • To connect to my KMS server, use the command “slmgr /skms kms8.msguides.com”
  • Now activate your Windows using the command “slmgr /ato”
  • The system will be activated, check the activation status again

The operating system is now activated. In case you encounter any error or trouble during the process, go for Dell supports to get instant fix. You can also find the solution of other issues caused on Windows 10 operating system by the experts. If you keep the systems updated, it will eliminate the chances of poor performance other errors.