Having a financially secured life will cost you a long-term investment for retirement. If you are planning for a brighter future after your retirement, you should start saving and reduce unnecessary expenses. In the end, the only thing that matters is what you have saved throughout the years of your employment.

Therefore, annuity and life insurance services are the best options for anyone who cares for a prosperous and peaceful retirement. Moreover, Brighthouse fixed annuity reserves the top position in this context. Since the separation of Brighthouse financial metlife, Brighthouse financial emerged as a leader in the industry for providing fixed rate annuity.

Benefits of Fixed Rate annuity – Brighthouse Financial Metlife

  • Stable Income
  • Design and customize your investment needs
  • Guaranteed Income Growth
  • Tax-deferred Growth
  • Choice to fit your needs
  • Legacy Planning
  • Guaranteed pension like income payments

Brighthouse Annuity services can help you protect and nurture your lifetime savings and assures you an economically stable future even when you’re unemployed. They provide guaranteed income for you and your family regardless of market volatility and performances.

Individual financial requirements vary from person to person. Brighthouse provides flexible Annuity services keeping in mind the ever-changing interest rates to meet your unique savings and investment goals.

As a policyholder, you don’t need to take any action to ensure your annuity coverage after the split of Brighthouse Financial Metlife.

Types of Brighthouse Annuity

Retirement is the time when people reap the advantages of their lifetime savings. Therefore, they tend to enjoy the luxuries of life without worrying about how they are going to pay for it. Moreover, diversify their income sources or protect some of your assets to ensure a lifetime payment income. To plan for future expenses after retirement, the Brighthouse offer 4 types of annuity to meet your retirement goals.

  • Index Linked Annuities: Protects a small portion of retirement savings from market fluctuations while participating in diversified income growth plans
  • Variable Annuities: Helps you grow your retirement income by providing investment options and benefits that offer protection and guaranteed funds for life
  • Fixed Annuities: Enables you to grow and protect your retirement funds as per your preferences.
  • Income Annuity: Helps you preserve your retirement benefits as well as provide guaranteed funds for today.

Furthermore, in case you are a policyholder of a subsidiary company under Brighthouse Financial and separated from Brighthouse Financial Metlife. You would likely to have received legally required correspondence or notification.