Live in today & Save for the future with Brighthouse Financial 

If you’ve been thinking about investing in life insurance policy so you can get the benefits of tax-deferred growth, then Brighthouse Financial is the right choice for you. They provide extensive benefits for your investment and help people achieve their financial security. Most of their long-term customers have trusted them with their most valuable assets, their future.

Brighthouse Financial Inc, is the parent organization of Brighthouse Financial operating insurance company in New York. They offer two types of services, Annuities and Life Insurance. They have acquired years of expertise in the field and possesses extensive knowledge of market trends. Their insightful analysis of interest rates and competition growth enables them to construct innovative policies to help investors protect what they have earned and ensure it lasts.

Types of Annuity Products

  • Index-linked Annuities: It secures a small portion of your retirement savings from down markets while broadening their approach for growth opportunities.
  • Variable Annuities: It provides you with investment solutions that help increase your retirement savings, as well as guaranteed lifetime financial growth.
  • Fixed Annuities: You will have guaranteed financial growth and financial security for lifetime – on your terms
  • Income Annuities: It provides a guaranteed lifetime income for today and in the future.

Types of Life Insurance policies of Brighthouse Financial

The general necessities of life insurance include a stable source of income, which everyone wants to be safe along with decent interest rates on whatever they invest. With so many changes in the ways to plan, invest and save for the future, delivering solutions for investors who are looking to ensure a lifetime income has never been more necessary.

Permanent Life Insurance: This policy includes lifetime securities as well as provides lifetime benefits

Term Life Insurance: This policy includes a limited period of coverage and provides the payouts for the money but does not build cash value.

To meet the customer’s expectation, Brighthouse Financial provides valuable services and long-term stability plans that are rooted in a disciplined risk management strategy. It is one of the largest annuity and life insurance organization in US.

Here are some lifetime achievements of the Brighthouse Financial:

  • They are the only largest organization in US offering annuity and life insurance services with total assets worth of $217 Billion.
  • They have general account investments worth of $83 Billion
  • Over two million investors
  • Over 2.5 million life insurance and annuity contracts

How can I purchase Brighthouse Financial Stock?     

You can buy the stock shares of Brighthouse Financial via Computer share’s Direct Stock Purchase Plan, or through the counsel of private agent or financial consultant.

What should I do to buy Brighthouse Financial Annuity or Life insurance Products?

You can purchase a Brighthouse Financial Product only by coordinating with your financial adviser. You may discuss your plans with a financial adviser and figure out about what product could fit your requirements

Is it possible to cancel, convert or make other changes to my policy?

Yes, the policy gives you the right to cancel, transfer, convert or suggest changes to your policy.