When it comes to helping customers fix their issues related to Internet connections, local outages, paying bills, change or cancel services, Comcast Service Center is the most trusted customer service providers in the United States.

Comcast delivers time-efficient and quality-based services to all their customers to bolster their customer relationship. Comcast offers cable television, Internet and telephone services that are branded Xfinity in the regions where customers can pay their bill through a digital medium.

They are serving millions of customers, homes and business in over 40 States. To offer timely services, they have established hundreds of Comcast service center, so customers don’t face difficulty finding reliable customer support in their locality.

How to change, cancel or move your Comcast services?             

You can change, upgrade, cancel or remove services online on your own, or you can seek expert help by visiting a nearby Comcast Service center. These services include Xfinity Internet, Xfinity Home Security, Xfinity Cable television, Xfinity Connect Email, etc.

You must have an Xfinity account to access these services. You’ll be prompted to log in to your Xfinity account and navigate to “Manage plan”. However, for direct intervention of an expert in the field, you can either make a phone to schedule a visit or reach a nearby Comcast service center to modify or upgrade your equipment.

What are the different methods to cancel your Xfinity account?

  • You can chat online 24/7 with Comcast experts. Follow the guidelines and get it done.
  • Visit your local Comcast outlet or Comcast Service Center
  • Send an email request for cancellation of services by completing a simple form
  • Post your cancellation request and mention your full name, address, account number, and contact details.

If you choose to send an email, then you’ll get a confirmation call within two working days.

What is the procedure to move Xfinity services to another location?

In case, you are relocating to another city or State, Comcast Service center can help you relocate Xfinity services to your new destination. You only need to provide few details about your relocation plans and follow three simple steps to get it done.

Visit the Xfinity moving page and provide relevant information:

  1. Plan your move
  2. Select your installation date
  3. Confirm your move details

Can I discontinue my Xfinity services for a while?

Yes, if you plan to move out of the city for a while and require your Xfinity services put on hold, then you can call on Xfinity customer support toll-free number and discuss your “seasonal plan”. You’ll not be charged for the period of suspension of your services.