fix hp printer not respondingIt generally happens that users see their HP printer is not responding. Setting up a printer properly is a prime task that permits you to perform any father activities. If the settings are not done right, you will see the printer in error state.

Therefore, to fix ‘HP printer not responding’ error, it is best to avoid its occurrence. To do this, you need to install HP printer and driver manually. Users majorly see HP printer not responding to computer when the printer driver is missing. To install HP printer assistant, you can find the offline installer option from support hp page.

Causes of ‘HP printer not responding’ error

  • Printer not connected with the computer
  • Incorrect printer setup and installation
  • HP printer driver missing
  • Paper jam or less paper on the tray
  • Empty Ink cartridge
  • Printer cartridge is not installed correctly
  • HP printer not printing after Window 10 updates
  • The printer not responding on Mac

Now, to install the printer setup, connect it with a computer, and configure the required settings, you need to go through a manual process.

Fix HP Printer Error

Error: Fix HP Printer Not responding, printer in error state

  1. Turn off the printer
  2. Detach all the cables and cords
  3. Disconnect it from the computer and from the main power source
  4. Connect the power and turn on the printer
  5. Open the cartridge flap
  6. Remove the tap from the ink cartridge and then install it
  7. Load paper in the paper tray
  8. Sync the printer with the computer, click Start button > Devices & Printer
  9. Click on your printer’s name or model number

If required, register your printer on the official Support HP website. Now you are ready to print.

Error: Printer not scanning

  1. Check whether you have HP printer assistant- if not, then install full feature software and Drivers
  2. Place the paper you want to scan on the glass slab of the printer
  3. Press the scan icon or button on your printer

If this does not fix HP printer not responding state, connect with the official HP support team to get further assistance.

Error: My HP Printer is Offline, how to get HP printer online again?

  1. Check if the printer is connected with the same network as your computer or fix the printer error
  2. If the printer offline error persists, download HP Print and scan doctor from the official support hp website
  3. Run HPPSdr.exe
  • Click Start and then select your HP printer model
  • If your printer is not in the list, restart the printer and click retry
  1. Fix the connection by following the instructions in the tool
  2. If asked, click Yes and continue to install the printer updates
  3. You can also make your printer, the default printer

The steps for Mac may differ and if you detect the printer not responding on Mac, get official’s help. On the other hand, Windows 10 update can demand you to fix HP printer not responding problem.

To fix printer not responding error, you can also try some basic checks by reinstalling ink cartridge. Try reconnecting the printer and computer with a wireless network. If you fail after trying the basic checks, get help via the officials.HP support team is available 24*7 and accessible to users across the world. No matter what operating system you use, you can get the right directions. The expert technicians are available to take calls as well as to provide chat support. Whether you want to fix HP printer error or connection issues, the executive will guide you how.