How to fix QuickBooks error 3371 status code 11118?

QuickBooks one of the best accounting software of 2020 and past many years may sometimes display an error code. The most commonly faced issue with QuickBooks is QuickBooks error 3371. So, in this article, we will learn the possible reasons for error code 3371 QuickBooks and how to fix it. This error usually occurs when you activate QuickBooks on your device. This may also occur when you try to re-organize your desktop for the first time or configure the new hard drive. QuickBooks error 3371 restricts users from accessing QuickBooks which annoys them a lot when they try to do any business calculations on it.

Reasons behind error code 3371 QuickBooks

The reasons why you are coming across this error while using QuickBooks are listed below:

  • Problem with the Qbregistration.dat– whenever you install any program or software on your device, the installation file holds the user license information. The same is the case with QuickBooks because whenever you install QuickBooks on your device, Intuit looks for this file. In case this file gets damaged, you are likely to face this error.
  • Damaged MSXML component– MSXML is an essential component provided by Microsoft which is required by QuickBooks desktop to run on the system. In case the MSXML components get damaged, it causes QuickBooks error 3371.
  • Sometimes, the interruption with the antivirus software on your device may also lead to this error.

Ways to fix QuickBooks error 3371 status code 11118

You can try the steps given below to get rid of this error. These steps are very simple and easy to follow. However, if you experience any difficulty during the procedure, you can take expert assistance.

Method 1

  1. The first thing you need to do is press the ‘Win+R’ keys to open the Run command box.
  2. Here, enter the following command: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8
  3. Now, a search result will open where you need to locate the ECML file.
  4. After this, delete this file by right-clicking on it.
  5. Further, close this window and run QuickBooks.
  6. Register with the product again and see if it works.
  7. If the problem persists, apply the next method.

Method 2

In case you are using an older or outdated version of the Windows, then you may come across this error again and again. In this situation, do as described below:

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ button i.e. Windows icon
  2. From here, select ‘All Programs’ and then select ‘Windows update’.
  3. From the search results, select ‘check for updates’.
  4. Complete the update process and reinstall QuickBooks.

If the still doesn’t go away, then you may use the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool or perform a clean install.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does QuickBooks licensing work?

The number of licenses for using QuickBooks depends on the subscription of QuickBooks you have purchased. QuickBooks Desktop Premier allows up to 5 users to use QuickBooks at a time. On the other hand, the Pro version allows 3 users to work on a file simultaneously. In addition to this, you can buy QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions that allows up to 30 users to work together on a single file. You can also add more users to your subscription.

  1. What is my QuickBooks license number?

To know your QuickBooks license number, there is a simple procedure you need to follow. First of all, you have to open the QuickBooks Desktop and press the F2 key. When you do this, you will see the Product Information window. This window contains details including product name, product number, as well as the license number.

  1. How do I fix a QuickBooks license error?

To fix the QuickBooks license error or any other error related to validation or registration, you can use the QuickBooks Tool Hub. After downloading and installing the Tool Hub, Quick Fix my Program file. When a new page opens, select ‘Installation Issues’. After this, select the error you are facing and then select ‘OK’. Now, you can start using QuickBooks again.

  1. Where is QuickBooks license stored?

If you want to find QuickBooks license, then you may it on its packaging. Look for a sticker on the packaging with the license and product numbers. In case you have bought it online, then you may find it in the confirmation email sent to you when you purchased the software. It is usually stored in the Product Information window that can be reached by opening QuickBooks and then pressing the F12 key.

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