How to change AOL mail password





How to change AOL mail password?

America Online or AOL as popularly known is one of America’s leading news and internet service provider. AOL offers services like news updates, live sports score, weather updates, email, entertainment videos etc. These services are used by customers across the states for their personal purposes. In all these services, AOL’s email service is very popular, people have been using it since years. So, let’s talk more about it.
We will today discuss as how to reset AOL mail password. Speaking about changing password, there can be many reasons as why would you want to change or reset your AOL mail password. Say for example, you want to make your account password stronger, or your have found some suspicious email activity from your email account or simply you have a new password. So here is a step-by-step guide for resetting AOL mail password.

Change AOL Password

To perform AOL password reset, follow the steps given below

  • 1. Visit the AOL website through your web browser and login to the service by entering your AOL username or phone number and password
  • 2. After logging in, click on your name at the top right to view your account info
  • 3. Now click on the “Account Security” option visible on the left panel
  • 4. Select the option “Change password” in the “How you sign in” sub-section
  • 5. Here, you need to enter a new password where the blank spaces read “New password” and “Confirm new password”
  • 6. Make sure that the password you choose is difficult to guess as well as easy for you to remember
  • 7. In the nest step, click on “continue”. Once clicked, the change is immediate
  • 8. Here, you will have optional choice to enter a recovery email or mobile phone number. We recommend that you should add these as it will become more difficult for someone to unlock your mails

So, by going through above steps, you can easily change your AOL mail password. This method can be followed if you are using Windows 10, Mac and android. On android phones, follow these steps by visiting the mobile browser.

In case you require any help regarding resetting your AOL password just call AOL mail help, as they will be happy to assist you.

Reset AOL mail password on iOS or iPhone

It is easy to reset or change your AOL Mail password in an iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Just make sure that you do not miss out of any steps and by trying this method we can easily answer your query of how to reset AOL password without phone number.

  • 1. Open the AOL app
  • 2. Click on “Settings” visible on the bottom right corner
  • 3. Select “Privacy dashboard” in “Support” and then “Your Account”
  • 4. Now enter your AOL credentials when prompted
  • 5. Tap on “Edit Account Info”and then the 3-horizontal-line menu icon at the top left
  • 6. Then tap on “Account Security” and select “Change Password”
  • 7. Enter the new password that you wish to create in both blank spaces and then select “Continue” and then click “Done” to finish

So, we can conclude that in both the above-mentioned ways, you can easily reset AOL password without security question. We hope that you have easily understood the manner by which you can change AOL password, and if you did not, please call Help Number USA so that we can assist you.

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