how to fix norton errorNorton antivirus offers comprehensive protection against emerging risks. Keeping a record of past cybercrime actions, Norton constantly improves its products and features. Yet, it shows errors at times and users look up for how to fix Norton error.

Certain factors matter during the installation of the software. If you ignore the points, you will end up seeing error codes such as Norton error3039, Norton auto fix error 8504 104 and more. Here is a list of issues that occurs often.

List of common Norton error

  • Norton Error: “8504,104” due to failed installation
  • Error message: Norton utilities for windows 10 not working
  • Norton error code 8504 100
  • Download error
  • Norton antivirus program won’t open
  • Norton error code 3048

Besides error code and messages, you can also encounter configuration and setting errors. Best is to eliminate the root cause by installing the software manually.

How to fix Norton Error 3039?


  • Crashing of windows
  • Sluggish behavior of the operating system
  • Slow performance
  • Late response


  1. Go to the control panel > Program & features
  2. If you see any other antivirus or version of Norton security, uninstall it right away
  3. Proceed to install the software from the official site
  4. Login to Norton my account page
  5. Locate the product key in the field associated with the software
  6. Click submit
  7. Follow on-screen steps to re-install the software

How to fix Norton error code 8504 100?


  • Windows frequently crashing and showing Norton error 8504 100
  • The computer keeps freezing at times
  • Sluggish behavior
  • Corrupt download


  1. Launch Norton antivirus and perform a deep scan
  2. If you still notice sluggish behavior, proceed with the next step
  3. Go to the official Norton official site
  4. Access Norton my account page by logging in to your account
  5. From the main interface, brows from Norton auto-fix tool
  6. Download and install Norton auto-fix tool
  7. Run Norton auto-fix tool and wait until it completes

If the error persists, update and activate Norton software.

Install Norton with product key to use active version

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Enter a product key’ button from the landing page
  3. Sign in/ Sign up
  4. Enter Norton product key in the field and submit
  5. On the next page, click download
  6. Install the software by following the on-screen steps
  7. Reboot the system

Turn on firewall security and perform a complete PC scan. This will fix the error. If not, then connect with the official support provider team. Do not change settings or share your Norton my account access to anyone, it may cost your personal data and all the sensitive information.

Immediately connect with the official support team to get help. You can share your details with the legitimate experts. Follow the instruction by the official and fix the Norton error. Call and chat option are available 24*7 for users across different countries.