how to scan from HP envy 4500 printer to computer?





Before taking the discussion further about the HP envy 4500 scan to computer process, let us first know about HP Printers and its features. The printers stand out from other printers in the industry because of its reliability and high-quality prints. The printers also come along with the option to scan from computer, copying as well as faxing. Its efficient scanners have the ability to read any type of 2D image including drawing and photographs.

Once you successfully complete the process of HP Scan to Computer, you can easily share your scanned documents with others or save it to your desktop in any folder you want. Before you start scanning from your HP Printer to computer, it is essential that you have printer software installed on your computer.

How can you make HP Scan to Computer?

Upon installing the HP ENVY 4500 Printer software on your computer, your computer gets ready to perform the scanning task. To use HP envy 4500 scan to computer feature, go through the following steps:

  • 1. Go to the“program” section of your computer.
  • 2. Now, place the document or the photograph which you want to scan on the glass scanner facing downwards.
  • 3. From the programs section, click on the “Settings” icon which looks like a gear.
  • 4. Here, you have to choose from the two options about the file type; picture or document.
  • 5. After this, tap on “Scan Picture” or “Scan Document” according to the file type.
  • 6. When the file gets scanned, the HP software will ask for your consent for saving the document.
  • 7. In the end, you have to select the location where you want the scanned file to be located and then hit “OK”.


Steps to scan from HP envy 4500 to computer on Mac

The steps will help the Mac users to use the feature of HP envy 4500 scan to computer mac. Follow them carefully:

  • 1. Open your Mac and double click on the icon that reads, “HP ENVY 4500”. This will open the HP Printer Assistant.
  • 2. In this step, click on the “Scan” option and then select “Scan to Computer” option which is available under it.
  • 3. When you hit the option, the document will be scanned and can be saved on any location.

If the scan to computer is disabled, you can easily enable it with a few simple steps. If you are unable to scan even after enabling the feature, then you may seek assistance from HP Support team. You can reach them through various ways such as call, email, or Live Chat.

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Contact the HP technical support number immediately and get a reliable solution of these issues so that they never happen again in future.

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