HP encourages eco-friendly printing for a forest positive future

HP Support Assistant is striving hard to support its customers for years. In the same way, HP has announced a new sustainability program for its printing division. This move aims to create materials that reduce the impact on plant. Initiating an approach for making eco-friendly HP-branded papers to support a forest positive future.

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eco-friendly printing

Zero-deforestation printing

The team has pledged to ensure that every page printed with HP Printers will support a “forest positive future”. The resource efficient printers deliver carbon neutrality by making use of materials designed to reduce the negative impact on the planet.

HP has reached its goal to ensure that its HP-branded paper is 100 percent forest positive and it is on the track to achieve ‘zero-deforestation’ in the supply chain for its paper-based packaging.

Forest positive future

HP printers were already forest-positive as more trees are planted than are cut down to enable printing operations. The company has planned to extend its entire portfolio, including commercial printers.

Carbon-neutral printers

 HP is aiming to reduce carbon emission and energy consumption from its printers and visions to deliver carbon-neutral printing. HP printers closed-loop recycled plastics, certain products made with up to 30-percent closed-loop and post-consumer plastics.

Circular economy

HP supports a circular economy with its products as it has announced new energy-efficient EcoSmart LaserJet printer as well as EcoSmart black toner with lower melt temperatures that result in lower energy consumption (because the toner can be melted and fused with paper at a lower temperature, therefore less energy is required).

Customer Expectations

HP reveals a company’s commitment to sustainability impacts employee recruitment, retention, and advocacy. HP Original Supplies are manufactured to provide the highest quality printing experience. For HP, this means prioritizing the safety of its printers and the planet by producing reliable ink and toner cartridges. Additionally, it has raised the awareness of the harmful impacts that clone and imitation cartridges can have on the environment, customer costs and print quality.

“Transform to Perform”

HP has challenged the printing industry to transform and continuously innovate. The company’s pledge for print sustainability aims to protect forests, reduce carbon emissions, and use more recycled materials. It emphasized that circular-economy models help decouple economic growth and natural resource consumption while driving greater competitiveness.

While easy ways to help reduce environmental footprint that included using recycled paper and reducing the print amount are mentioned, there is another easy and simple way to be environmental-friendly. HP offers a Product Return and Recycling Programme that allows you to send back your cartridges to the manufacturer for recycling.

An added benefit to this is that it can often be entirely free to recycle your cartridges, so there’s no excuse not to get involved in helping the environment.

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