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HP Printer Assistant is an in-built software program featured by Windows Operating System and installs with your Windows HP printer driver. The HP Printer Assistant software enables users to get the best use of HP devices and became popular in 2009 as an integral part of all HP printers. This latest feature brought a revolution in the software side of the printing solutions. With this software, you can easily carry out multiple printing-related tasks such as scanning, checking Ink-levels, ordering supplies and many more.

HP Printer Assistant scans the computer for error that may interrupt the printing operations. During the scan process, HP Printer Assistant will display all the issue on your computer screen related to your HP Printer. You can also contact HP technical Support if you can’t resolve the issues diagnosed under the scanning process.

How to download HP Printer Assistant Windows 10?

As you upgrade the PC or laptop from old version of Windows to a newer version and open HP Printer Assistant, an independent ‘Printer Setup and Software’ wizard will open when you require connecting your PC with HP printer.

If you are unable to find the Printer icon from the devices or folder, it may be possible that some of the HP Printer Assistant files are lost. Such an issue can possibly occur due to the setup and installation of Printer Assistant before the Windows upgrade.

To get the issue resolved, you may need to download the full version of HP Printer Assistant Software from the official website of Hewlett Packard. So HP Printer Assistant download can help improve the overall performance and functionality of your HP Printer.

Go through the following steps to download HP Printer Assistant Windows 10 on your PC:

  • 1. Turn-on your HP Printer machine.
  • 2. Make sure that to detach USB cables connecting your HP Printer to your computer. You only need to connect the cable if prompted during the installation process.
  • 3. Open your web browser and type “HP Software and Driver Download for HP Printer”.
  • 4. Now, enter your Printer Model details such as model number and Click on “Submit”.
  • 5. Click the model you are currently using from the list of Printer models
  • 6. In the next step, if the default operating system is different from the one you’re currently using, then select your version and click “Change”
  • 7. Click to download HP Printer Driver
  • 8. Choose the type of installation you want to perform on your computer either Typical or recommended when the installer prompts you to do so.
    • • In Windows 10 PC, HP Printer Assistant installs automatically yet if you want detailed information on “how to install HP Printer Assistant”, you may contact HP Customer Support.
  • 9. Follow the rest of the guidelines displayed on your screen instructions to finish installation process.

Is the HP Printer Assistant software installs automatically on my computer?

When you install the full version HP Printer driver on your PC powered by Windows 7, 10 Operating System, either from a CD/DVD or Official HP website. HP Printer Setup Assistant allows you to install HP Printer Driver automatically and should be visible on your desktop.

  • 1. One of the primary methods to check and open Printer Assistant is to double-click the Printer Icon on your desktop.
  • 2. Another method to open Printer Assistant is to search Windows for your printer model type, and then click your Printer type in the list of results.
  • 3. If you are still unable to open the Printer Assistant then, download and install the full feature driver for your printer on your computer

Where is HP Printer Assistant on my computer?

To open up the Printer Setup and software Window, you need to double-click on HP Printer Assistant icon on your desktop. If it stops working, follow the steps:

  • 1. Go to Control Panel
  • 2. Select “Hardware and Sound”
  • 3. Navigate to “Devices and Printers” section
  • 4. Select your HP Printer model
  • 5. Go to the HP Printer Assistant and Right click on it to create a new shortcut

How to disable HP Printer Assistant notifications?

To turn off the HP Printer Assistant notification status, you are recommended to go through the instructions listed below.

  • 1. Go to the “Start menu” at the bottom left corner of your screen, and navigate to “Devices and Printers”. Select the printer model on which you want to disable notifications, and then click “Print server properties” at the top of the window.
  • 2. Click on the “Advanced” tab.
  • 3. Clear the “Show Informational Notifications” for Local Printers option.
  • 4. Clear the “Show Informational Notifications” for Network Printers option (if applicable)
  • 5. Click OK.

How to get rid of error “HP Printer Assistant not opening”?

If your computer displays the message “HP Printer Assistant not opening”, then you can implement any of the following smart techniques to resolve the issue for sure.

  • 1. Reconnect the Printer
  • 2. Reinstall the HP Printer Assistant Software
  • 3. Turn off and on the Printer
  • 4. Update your HP Printer Drivers to latest standards
  • 5. If there is any antivirus installed on your Windows 10 PC, then remove it to avoid conflicts between programs.


After going through the whole article, if you still face technical glitches while performing any of the above steps, then you can feel free to contact HP Customer Support Services for technical assistant. They will walk you through the process HP Printer Assistant Download Windows 10 and resolve your queries related to HP Printer Assistant.