HP Printer Connected But Not Printing





HP printer connected but not printing anything is a common error that you might face occasionally. However, many would find it difficult to cope with the issue as they might have little knowledge on how to maintain your printer settings or if you’ve purchased your first printer.

To obtain an accurate solution to the issue, you might need to ensure a few things:

  • 1. First, you need to determine whether the printer is connected to your computer via USB or through a Wireless network. It is essential to resolve the “HP Printer connected but not printing” issue.
  • 2. What operating system is installed on your PC, Windows or Mac?
  • 3. Have you made any recent changes on your Printer that triggered the issue?
  • 4. Can you make a copy by using your printer?

Now, to install the printer setup, connect it with a computer, and configure the required settings, you need to go through a manual process.

While you try to figure out these queries, in the meantime, let’s try a few steps:

Before we proceed, please make sure that the printer has an uninterrupted power supply directly from a power socket. This step is essential to resolve the issue “HP Printer connected but not printing”.

  • 1. Remove all the ink cartridges and try to execute a hard reset on your printer
  • 2. While the printer is turned on, detach the power unit from the back of your printer and remove the power cord from the wall socket
  • 3. If your printer is connected through a USB cable, then remove it
  • 4. Hang in for a couple of minutes, then press and hold the power switch on the printer for 30 seconds to remove any additional charge
  • 5. Now, plug the power unit back to the wall socket without any surge protector or an extension box, and then connect the power cable back to the power cord of your printer
  • 6. Push the power button on your printer to turn it on and wait for a couple of minutes till the printer warms up and the printer is ready to print
  • 7. Push the power button on your printer to turn it on and wait for a couple of minutes till the printer warms up and the printer is ready to print
  • 8. First, try to make a copy to determine whether the printing issue is resolved or not. Put a paper on the scanner and select the “Copy” option. If the printer works correctly and prints a good copy, then the printer is ready to use
  • 9. Read related official article – https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/LaserJet-Printing/Printer-connected-but-not-printing/td-p/6594909

If HP Printer connected but not printing issue still appears, then try to uninstall and remove all the printer drivers and software completely and reinstall it:

  • 1. Go to the “programs and Features” to uninstall the printer driver and software
  • 2. Right-click on Windows Button to access “Device Manager”, if the printer is listed there, then remove it
  • 3. Go to the tab “device and printer” and if available, please select any printer listed there and a set of preferences will appear on top of the button
  • 4. In the list, locate Printer Server properties and click on it
  • 5. A pop-up will appear on-screen, then click on the “drivers” button and delete all the printer drivers in the list, if present
  • 6. Reboot your computer
  • 7. Once the computer is on, go to the command prompt and type %temp% to access the temporary file folder and delete all the files
  • 8. Delete the printer from registries if presented by using regedit or any other third party website or application
  • 9. Reboot the computer again
  • 10. Now, download and Install the latest drivers from HP Official website on your PC.
  • 11. Once you install the drivers, restore connectivity to your computer and try to print