Printer In Error StateDo you often see your HP printer in error state? Initially, the problem occurs when the printer setup is incorrect or has some glitches. Installing the right printer driver and setting up the printer manually not only cut down the chances of errors but also give a smoother experience.

Whenever you see your printer in error state, you try to fix it without any guidance. Doing this only complicates the problem especially when you do not know the cause why is your printer in error state.

What does printer in error state mean?

Several things cause an HP printer in error state such as if the printer is not connected with a computer correctly, network connection failure, the absence of a printer driver and more. When you are unable to perform any task with your printer or the printer does not respond to your commands, it means the printer in error state.

In order to fix the issue, you need to know the cause and perform multiple checks to verify the error.

Factors that result in a printer in error state

  • HP printer is switched off
  • The computer and printer are not connected
  • Computer is not detecting HP printer
  • HP printer offline status
  • HP printer assistant unavailable
  • Low paper or ink
  • Printer’s cover is open
  • Printer not scanning
  • Something is wrong with the main power supply
  • Lose chords from source socket or with computer
  • Due to Windows 10 updates
  • Printer not showing in devices and printers windows 10

With basic checks, you can get rid of the printer error message. Load the paper, cover the tray and attempt to test a print. If you still see your HP Printer in Error State, follow the manual process below.

Printer in error state, how to fix?

Method: download free HP support assistant

  1. Go to support HP website
  2. From the top menu bar of the home page, click Support
  3. Click ‘Software & Driver’
  4. Select the printer icon
  5. Enter the model number or product name of the printer and submit (for e.g. HP DeskJet 2131)
  6. Below ‘Driver-Product Installation Software’ click download
  7. Install HP printer assistant

Now reconnect your printer with your computer. Try to take a print to see if it is working. You may wonder why is my printer in error state. The reason for it that the printer is possibly not connected with the same network as your PC.

How to connect an HP printer to Wi-Fi?

  1. Turn on the printer and Wi-Fi and connect it with your computer
  2. First, connect the printer with your computer
  3. On your computer, go to connection options
  4. Select a mode by with you want to connect with the internet –Preferably Wi-Fi
  • On the next page, you will have an option to send wireless settings to the printer
  1. Click ‘Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer’ and wait until the printer gets connected to the printer
  2. End the setup screen from your computer
  3. Now, from your printer screen, press Setup > Network
  4. Go to Wireless Network Wizard
  5. Select your network by pressing on the name from the list
  6. Enter Wi-Fi’s password and complete the task

You are now ready to print via wireless network. In contrary, Windows 10 users may find slightly alterations is settings. They may also encounter their Printer is in error state windows 10. In such a case, always connect to the official support team to get instant help.