HP Printer Offline Windows 10





HP printer offline error occurs when the printer settings are not done right or the printer has some technical issues. While you connect your printer with the computer and you see the error message ‘HP printer offline’, it indicates that the printer is either not connected with a stable network connection or the USB cable is not connected at all.

If you are stuck with the HP Printer offline issue, follow these troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Check for network connectivity

HP printer offline generally takes place when the printer is not connected with the network. Therefore, you need to connect the machine with a stable internet connection to resolve it.

  • 1. Go to control panel > devices and printers
  • 2. Click Right on the printer icon with your HP printer model name and/ or number
  • 3. Click Print Properties from the options
  • 4. From the top columns, click Ports
  • 5. Select Configure Port option from the middle of the pop-up window
  • 6. Deselect the SNMP Status Enabled and click OK to save changes


Once done, check if the error message of HP printer offline still appears. If it does, follow the alternative method to go HP printer offline to online.

  • 1. Click Start button> devices and printers
  • 2. If you do not see the device & Printer option then go to control panel
  • 3. Press on the printer icon
  • 4. Select the printer option specified in the top of the dialogue box
  • 5. Unmark the box opposite to the “pause printing” and “use printer offline” button
  • 6. Restart your printer and test print

If you can print by sending online command, the error is fixed. On the other hand, if the problem persists, go for HP printer offline help or call HP printer support.