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HP Printer Support





There are countless channels available both online and offline through which you can contact HP Printer Support for technical assistance on issues that are beyond your level of comprehension. Issues that are so irritating, they might cause severe headache to you for no reason at all.

As we know that, human errors are so often in the technical world, Printers are no different in this context, as they frequently display several errors at any point. Such an error may disrupt your workflow and force you to wait for hours to get it back functioning. If you’ve purchased HP Printer recently, setting it up and installing drivers like HP Printer Assistant and HP Support Assistant will be no less frustrating than assembling a new computer on your own.

Things could get worse if you are trying to establish a wireless connection without proper knowledge.

Here are some of the common reasons that may trigger a real problem:

  • 1. HP Printer not Printing
  • 2. Paper-jam Issues
  • 3. Wireless, Bluetooth and Networking Issues
  • 4. Carriage jam issues
  • 5. Ink Cartridge Struck
  • 6. Scan and copy issues
  • 7. Printer Setup Issues
  • 8. Power issues
  • 9. Battery issues
  • 10. Security issues
  • 11. Driver compatibility issues

Follow the steps to setup your brand new HP printer

Setting up a brand new HP printer is an easy task. However, it could become quite complex if you try to perform the steps on your own despite having less technical prowess about the procedure. Most of us, would seek an expert solution to deal with the technicality of setting up the HP printer, but that option, is only possible if you have proper access to the HP Printer Support Executives.

Furthermore, you can browse on the internet to search for a step-by-step solution, or you can hire someone from your nearby computer repair outlet, or you can keep reading to explore the myriad options available to get the job done.

Here, we have formulated a set of basic steps that you need to keep in mind while connecting your HP Printer with your PC.

  • 1. Once the deliveryman brings HP printer package at your doorstep, you must unpack the device, place in the selected position and follow the steps.
  • 2. Before you start plugging wires into your system, check the source of power connection. Make sure to place the printer nearby the power socket for continues supply of electricity in order to avoid any interruptions during the work.
  • 3. Remove the power cables from the box and attach the power cord to HP printer and to the system.
  • 4. Once you plug the printer from the power socket, push the power button on printer and turn it on.
  • 5. Once you switch-on your HP Printer, install the Ink cartridges properly to get the quality prints. Grip the ink cartridge gently by the sides and slowly insert it into matching slots.
  • 6. Once the ink cartridge is installed correctly. You have to ensure that there is no packing material left in the tray and load the papers into the paper tray of your HP Printer.
  • 7. Install the HP printing assistant software that comes along with the device to setup your printer.
  • 8. Upload the HP printer drivers
  • 9. Once you completed uploading and installing papers and driver software, push the paper tray back in its rightful position and enjoy the printing works.

How to establish a Wireless connection between HP printer and device?

Wireless connection for wireless printing is like bread and butter. If you want HP printer to print documents by using wireless commands from any part of the room, you must establish a wireless connection between your HP Printer and the device you use to release commands.

If you’re a first time user, follow the steps for setting up a wireless connection:

  • 1. Go to the Control Panel section and select the wireless option
  • 2. Then, click to the “Wireless Setup” Wizard and answer all the instruction
  • 3. Choose the correct name network from the list of network names
  • 4. Enter the user name and password and click on “OK’
  • 5. Select the document you want to print and tap the “Print” button to start printing

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