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Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP, is an American-based company develops and sells hardware and software components for different sectors of requirements. Delivering wide verity of services to small and medium-sized business, the software by HP preset you a smoother experience. Especially when you talk about HP support assistant, you get to know how important it is for Windows and in fact for Mac PCs.

What is HP Support Assistant?

Works as a self-help tool on Windows-based OS, HP support assistant grabs latest software updates and resolves errors at initial stage. This is a built-in program of Windows PC that helps to fetch the latest versions of installed apps and programs. When you let the support assistant download available updates, you reduce the chances of errors.

Nevertheless, if you do not find the software on your PC, it is advisable to download it. To get the assistant, follow the process lined below. Please note that the steps below are workable on Windows 10, 8, 7 or older version.

Steps for HP Support Assistant Download:

  • 1. Visit the official HP support website http://www.hp.com/go/hpsupportassistant
  • 2. Click ‘Support’ > Software & Driver
  • 3. Select ‘Laptop/ PC’ icon
  • 4. Enter the product number or detail
  • 5. If redirected to select detailed information, select from the options
  • 6. from the next page, you can install the HP assistant by clicking on ‘Launch Now’ button

From the same page, you can install other drivers as well, such as Graphics, Audio, BIOS and so. However, you may not find the driver for HP printer. To get HP printer assistant, the process is completely different, which is mentioned below.

Steps to download HP Printer Driver

  • 1. Open a web browser and visit 123.hp.com
  • 2. From the home page, you will either get the option to enter your printer model or Download option directly
  • 3. 3. Enter the HP Printer model number and proceed to download it or click the Download button directly

Another important thing is updating the drivers timely. If you have a pre-installed HP printer support assistant then make sure it is updated. If you have not been connected to the internet and missed the update of the driver then you can check for it directly from the website. If you are not sure how these steps will guide you on that.

How do I HP Update Assistant?

  • 1. Go to HP support webpage
  • 2. Select ‘Support’> Software & Driver
  • 3. Click on the Printer icon and then type in its model type
  • 4. On the next page, check for updated version
  • 5. If you see any newer version available on the page, proceed to uninstall the one installed on your PC and choose to download HP update assistant

Here, you might face a problem with removing the printer or HP Support assistant. Thus, you can get along with the steps to uninstall HP support assistant.

How to uninstall HP support assistant?

  • 1. From Control panel, click on Programs and features
  • 2. As the list of installed software appears, click on HP support assistant
  • 3. Click Right button to get the option
  • 4. Press ‘Uninstall HP support assistant’
  • 5. Confirm the action

This will run the process of uninstalling the software. Meanwhile, keep the track of ongoing process and make sure it does not suspend. Restart your PC thereafter.

Besides drivers and assistants, HP also entitles its users to check other status on a PC or laptop. If you are using an HP device, then you can leverage HP support assistant battery check feature.

Steps for HP support assistant battery check:

Note: Before you start, make sure that the support assistant is updated and if not, then update it in the first place.

  • 1. Press the Windows button and in the search bar, enter HP support assistant
  • 2. Select the option to open the main user-interface
  • 3. From My Devices, select your PC or laptop from the device list
  • 4. Press the Troubleshooting and fixes tab > Battery Check
  • 5. The battery check may take a little time, wait for it to complete
  • 6. Next, you will see the status of your device’s battery

HP support assistant not working – How to fix it?

When you see this error, it is possibly due to the outdated version of the software. Nevertheless, if the problem persists even after the update, or you fail to perform update, in that case, follow as mentioned below.

  • 1. Uninstall HP support assistant
  • 2. Go to the official HP webpage
  • 3. Install the driver from the support option

Conversely, you can turn off the services of the software if you don’t want constant notifications of the updates.

How to turn off HP support assistant?

  • 1. Open the Support assistant’s main user interface as instructed in the battery-check procedure
  • 2. Click Settings > Health Analysis > Frequency
  • 3. Press ‘Never Check for Updates’ button
  • 4. Select to Tune-up schedule frequency to Never

Although it is suggested not to turn off HP support assistant, if you choose to do so, you may miss few of its other benefits as well. One of the benefits is the virus check. To know how would you do HP support assistant virus check, follow the information below.

Using HP Support Assistant Virus check?

Keeping the support assistant updated helps users to get instant notifications of viruses and threat intrusions. Now, if you set off the services of support assistant, you might not get the updates and become vulnerable to threats and risks.