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Norton Power Eraser, as emphasized in the name, is a powerful tool for aggressive scanning and analysis of heavily infected computers as well as erases any virus threat that your current anti-virus can’t get rid of.

Because of its aggressive approach toward malicious contents, it sometimes fails to distinguish between friends and foes. The software is notorious for its negligence toward the collateral damages involved in aggressive scans, which sometimes flags the critical files that you might need in the future. Make a call to Norton Antivirus Support experts for help download and run a security scan with Norton Power Eraser.


Bullet points of Norton Power Eraser


  • 1. Free of cost
  • 2. Easy to download and accessible via online
  • 3. Run Power Eraser to scan virus threats if you have Symantec products, any other security product.
  • 4. You can run the software in Safe mode, if it does not start in Normal Mode in your computer
  • 5. No need for installation
  • 6. Scans and detects the toughest of viruses and malware
  • 7. Power Eraser is compatible with computers running on Windows OS.


  • 1. Not compatible with Mac or OS X
  • 2. Risk of detecting legitimate programs for removal
  • 3. You have to review the scan result page manually and mark the files you want to remove
  • 4. You only use the program in emergencies as it comes with several repercussions

Please note: Norton Power Eraser is heavily armed with hostile anti-virus tools designed to launch an offensive against potential cyber threats. It is a highly recommended tool and a helpful online scan that “searches and destroys” infected files other scans miss. However, Norton Power Eraser has a tendency of producing more false positives than virus and spyware scans. Like all third-party scan software it has a bad habit of marking “Bad” that aren’t bad in real.

How is the Norton Power Eraser better than other scans?

Norton Power Eraser is a free, standalone app that targets, detects and removes the most persistent virus threats as well as offers you a sure shot solution to counter any security risk. Let’s find out how Power Eraser is different from other scans:

  • 1. Unlike much Anti-virus software, Norton Power Eraser does not necessarily scan all the files on your PC. It analyses load points and their disk locations as well as active processes like downloading files and installed services.
  • 2. The software is not visible in the quarantine
  • 3. Power Eraser overtakes Virus scan and spyware scans. When you trigger the Power Eraser, the Symantec Endpoint Protection disables any virus and spyware scan in process.
  • 4. Power Eraser does not automatically remove threat detections. You must go through the entire detection list in the scan log, or Risk log or select an action log. You’ve to manually remove the detection or mark it as ‘Safe’. You can also restore an accidentally deleted file.

Make sure to run Norton Power Eraser only when you’re all out of alternatives and couldn’t find a solution to regain control over your computer. Conditions to run the software must be compelling and urgent such as when your system exhibits any persistent threat or instability issues. You can run Power Eraser on a single or a group of computers. Just ensure to close any other application simultaneously running when Power Eraser is at work.

How to download, scan and fix a problem with Norton Power Eraser?

  • 1. It is easy to download and scan your computer with Norton Power Eraser – Follow the steps:
  • 2. Download Norton Power Eraser tool online
  • 3. Once the NPE.exe file is downloaded, save the file
  • 4. Select the location as Desktop to save the file and click “Save”
  • 5. Double-click the NPE.exe file to run the Norton Power Eraser
  • 6. Click “Yes” and continue
  • 7. Read the terms and conditions of the user license agreement carefully and click “Accept”Norton Power Eraser checks for and downloads the latest version if available

(If you don’t understand the steps, Norton Anti-virus Support is available 24/7 hours for technical support and assistance)

How to Run a Scan using Norton Power Eraser?

  • 1. In the Norton Power Window, click the “Scan for Risks” icon
  • 2. By default, the software will execute a Rootkit scan and requires a system restart.
  • 3. If prompted to restart the computer, click “Restart” to reboot the system(If you’ve no requirements for Rootkit scan, then go to the settings and unmark the Rootkit scan option)
  • 4. The scan might take a bit longer time. Wait for the scan to complete.

If you find any difficulty to download or scan the software, then you can contact the Norton Antivirus Support services to discuss the issue. You can contact them via exchanging emails, sending a query or make a call on Norton Toll free number for expert advice on technical issues of downloading the software.

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