Norton Support – Norton antivirus is an anti-malware software that offers complete spam protection, virus protection, phishing protection and more to the consumers and businesses. The software is developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation uses signatures and heuristics to detect viruses from your computer system, laptop or mobile device.

All the Norton antivirus can run on Windows, iOS, Mac and Android operating system ensuring secure online transactions and safe web browsing. The antivirus automatically blocks all the websites it found malicious. It also scans every email attachment before letting you download it to your device. Norton antivirus keeps on running in the background ensuring complete protection of your device against the viruses.

While downloading, installing, activating or using the Norton antivirus, a user may find some issues. These technical issues can not only affect the working of the antivirus but also opens the door for the viruses to enter your system and steal your confidential information. Therefore, it is necessary to fix a technical glitch as soon as it occurs. To accomplish this, what could be better than availing technical services from the authorized Norton customer support center? By contacting the Norton technicians, you can fix the following issues:

  1. Norton antivirus scanning issues
  2. Norton antivirus installation error
  3. Norton antivirus download errors
  4. Norton antivirus update errors
  5. Norton antivirus activation errors
  6. Norton antivirus product key related errors
  7. Norton antivirus uninstallation errors
  8. Norton antivirus reinstallation errors and more