Opera Mini Download For Pc

Opera Mini browser, primarily developed for mobile phone-based on the Java ME platform but because of its good performance and high demand, it is now compatible with PCs as well. Although the browser now recorded as per the new devices, it is also maintained for older versions. To download opera mini is a quick task so you can enjoy web surfing later.

Search for Opera mini download for windows 10 or any operating system, you can also search to download opera mini download for pc and from the results, click on the suitable one. Once you find the link to download the opera mini, click and proceed with the following steps.

How to download Opera mini for Windows?

  1. Browse to Download opera mini for pc or a Windows operating system you use (for not all the Opera versions support all the OS(s))
  2. Click Download and open the downloaded file from the location
  3. Double-click on Opera Setup
  4. When the dialogue box appears, click Run
  5. Click Install button
  6. Let the browser install while making sure not to interrupt the ongoing process

As the install completes, the Opera browser will open automatically. You can enjoy surfing on the new browser.

While on the other hand, existing users can check for available updates. If you keep using an outdated web browser, you will experience poor performance than other browsers. On the contrary, the latest version will render new and better features, so proceed to download Opera mini in its latest version.

How to update Opera Mini?

  1. Open the browser and from the top-right corner of the tab, click Easy Setup option (an equalizer icon)
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the pane and click ‘Go to Browser settings’
  3. From the left section of the Opera browser, press on clickable ‘Opera help’ option adjacent to the sidebar
  4. Under the section, you will have the option to download the latest version of opera mini
  5. Click ‘Update the browser’

Complete the on-screen prompts and you are ready to use the updated version of the browser.

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