Reinstall KasperSky Total Security Kaspersky is a well-renowned cybersecurity and antivirus provider that delivers endpoint protection to protect Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices from all sorts of internet viruses. Kaspersky anti-viruses prevent your device from the cybercriminals that don’t miss even a single opportunity to steal, corrupt or damage your confidential data.

The main features of all of its products include protection against viruses, password management, parental control, customized scan, internet security and more. One thing common about all Kaspersky security solutions is that you need to download, install, and activate them after completing the purchase. During these processes or while scanning, if you end up facing trouble due to an error then you might need Kaspersky support services.

At any moment, if your Kaspersky antivirus stops working properly or doesn’t respond to users’ command then reinstallation can fix this problem out. Reinstalling Kaspersky is also required if you want to migrate your existing Kaspersky subscription to a new PC. To reinstall Kaspersky Total Security, you need to follow three processes:

  1. Uninstall the previously installed Kaspersky antivirus on your existing device

Here are the instructions:

  1. Go to the Start menu and then open Control Panel
  2. From All Programs or Programs, find Kaspersky
  3. Right-click on it and choose Uninstall from the drop-down menu
  4. Wait until the process finishes!
  1. Clean the residual files

Remove the residual files if you have uninstalled the security software manually by following the aforementioned steps. However, if you have used Kaspersky antivirus removal tool then there is no need to do so before you reinstall Kaspersky Total Security.

  1. Reinstall Kaspersky Total Security or Total Security

Please note that the steps to reinstall Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Total Security are more or less same.

Reinstallation on a new device

  1. Open any web browser
  2. Log in to your Kaspersky account
  3. Go to Subscriptions
  4. Download the purchased Kaspersky subscription
  5. Install and activate it by following the standard guidelines

Reinstallation on the current device

  1. Open the web browser on the same device
  2. Log in to your Kaspersky account and download the purchased Kaspersky antivirus from Subscription section
  3. Install it by double-clicking the setup file
  4. Activate it using the same product key

For any issue related to reinstall Kasperksy Total Security or reinstall Kasperksy Internet Security contact Kaspersky customer support number.

Help Number USA renders round the clock Kaspersky customer support to help you get rid of all kinds of antivirus errors and ensure the protection of your devices. We are backed by a team of certified technicians that are just a call away!