Have you lost your Norton Product key or need new one? It is indeed a critical situation if you have lost your Norton product key. However, you can retrieve your Norton product key taking the help of customer support. Else, the following steps may help you get the key back.

If you have lost your product key after installing the active version, you might not need the same key for installation. Therefore, you can still install Norton antivirus on your computer or mobile phone without product.

However, once the validity of the product expires, you will need to renew the product key for which you will not require the same code. In contrary, if you haven’t install the antivirus but you the mail with the key got deleted permanently, connect with the official Norton customer support team to get the help.

Reach out for Norton support to retrieve your Norton Product Key

You will not be able to retrieve your product key from a lost or stolen Norton retail card. Although the situation is complex to get the back even if you have brought it online, but with a few possibilities, the customer support may help you with this.

To give it an attempt, do the following:


  1. Login to your email account on which you received the code
  2. From the pane where you have multiple option such as inbox, outbox, sent and so, click on Bin/ Trash option
  3. Find the Norton email from the location and restore it or move it to other location
  4. Make sure you keep it save

If the email has been deleted permanently, you may continue with the method below.

Method 2:

  • Go to the official Norton website
  • Login to your Norton account
  • Click on the Support option from the top menu
  • Click on Norton Forum with a chat icon
  • Request for resending your lost product key
  • Look for the relevant solution, otherwise, get in touch

Although, it is suggest getting in touch with the experts in the first place, if you want to try it yourself, the above steps will guide for the same. Norton officials will help you retrieve Norton product key.