Suddenlink email account is mandatory to access the services under the umbrella of Suddenlink. When you create a username on, you can setup and access your Suddenlink email, pay your internet bills, apply for EZ pay, watch live-stream TV on the GO with Suddenlink 2GO, and more.

If you already have an existing Suddenlink email account, then all you need is to sign in your account. You can send, receive or manage your account from anywhere, anytime.

How to use your Suddenlink email account?

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Email”
  3. Type your user ID and Password that you used while creating your Suddenlink email account

On the other hand, if you have an email account but unfortunately, forgot your password or even don’t remember your username, then follow the instructions.

How to recover your Suddenlink email account Password?

If you do remember your username, but fails to recall your password, then go to “Forgot Password” and answer your secret question to access your account. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to the account section of Suddenlink email
  3. Click on “Forgot Password” button
  4. Answer your secret question that you setup during the creation of your Suddenlink email account
  5. Once your answer is verified and cleared, you’ll be sent an email to your alternate email ID with a Weblink and information to access your Sudenlink email account.
  6. Open your alternate email ID and click on the “link” sent to you
  7. Enter your new password and confirm it. It will reset a new password of your choice.
  8. Enter username and your new password to log in to your Suddenlink email account

How to create Suddenlink email Username?

If you are a new subscriber and don’t have an email username, then follow the steps to create one.

  1. To create your primary Username, go to the link
  2. Click on “Sign Up Now” from any sign-in page
  3. Enter your 16-digits account number and 4-digit pin number available on your bill. You can also get this information through your order confirmation bill.
  4. Type the given “Captcha” alphanumeric phrase
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Type your personal information in the required field and complete the registration form
  7. Click on “I Agree” box to consent to the terms and conditions of Suddenlink email You will start receiving required notifications from Suddenlink electronically.
  8. Click on “Save and Next”
  9. Choose whether to not o enroll paperless billing system and Select “Finish Registration”