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Are you unable to configure two-step verification in your Kaspersky antivirus?

If you are conscious about the security of your Kaspersky antivirus account then you can set-up two-step verification. After turning on this function no one can get into your account without having an OTP which is supposed to send on your registered mobile number through SMS. Once this function is in place then you have to take extra care of your mobile phone.

kaspersky support number

By any chance, you lose your phone or you are not able to access to your phone then you will not be able to log in your account and Kaspersky support cannot help you in changing and getting access to your phone number.


How to set-up two-step verification?

  1. On the right corner of the page, select the link with your email address
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the “Account Settings”
  3. In the next window, you can make changes
  4. Now, select the “Security Tab”
  5. Choose the “Set-up” button
  6. Now, type your password
  7. Fill your mobile number and click “Get Code”
  8. Now, type the code sent to your mobile number and press “Confirm Button” a. Note: Once you set-up two-step verification then security questions function in your account will be turned-off permanently

How to change the phone number?

1.On the right corner of the page, select the link with your email address

Note: You can see the drop-down men

2.Select the “Account Settings” button

Note: One window appears and you can edit the settings

3.Now, select the “Security Tab”

4.Go to the Phone number field and edit your phone number

5.Type your new phone number and click “Get Code”

6.Now, type the code sent to your mobile number and press “Confirm Button”

Note: Your new phone number has been successfully updated for getting the security code

For more information on configuring the two-step verification, you can call the Kaspersky support number and you will get the immediate solution in no time.


How to turn on or turn off Kaspersky anti-spam?

In today’s virus-prone internet world, the biggest challenge for the computer users is to secure their data, software, and applications. To help these users maintain the utmost level of security around their devices, Kaspersky offers a variety of security solutions. The well-renowned cybersecurity company also offers a product named Kaspersky Internet Security that has many security features such as anti-spam. It also renders the most reliable support services that can be availed by dialing Kaspersky support number at any hour of the day.

kaspersky support number

Kaspersky anti-spam keeps a strict vigil over the incoming and outgoing emails to block the way for the spam emails. It supports both Outlook and Outlook express. Here is how you can enable and disable it after downloading Kaspersky Internet Security to your computer system.

Kaspersky Anti-Spam- Steps to turn on

  1. Open the main interface of Kaspersky Internet Security
  2. Go to Settings
  3. From the Protection tab, choose Anti-Spam
  4. Slide the switch to the right to turn on this essential security feature

Kaspersky Anti-Spam- Steps to turn off

  1. Double-click Kaspersky Internet Security Icon from your desktop or click the same from the bottom-right corner of the taskbar
  2. Now, go to Protection tab available under Settings
  3. Here, you will find the option to turn off anti-spam feature

To change other settings of this amazing security feature, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Kaspersky Internet Security that is installed on your computer system
  2. Access the Anti-Spam feature from the Protection tab available under Settings
  3. Configure the security level
  4. Hit Advanced Setting option and click the checkboxes in front of different security parameters shown there
  5. Quit the program

While enabling or disabling this feature or installing the Internet Security product to your device, if you find any technical glitch then call the Kaspersky support number to receive the immediate guidance from a technician. They will provide you with the best possible solution.