Terms and Conditions

The terms of Help-number-usa.com highlight various aspects regarding your rights, responsibilities, and limitations related to the use of our service. Hence, a visitor should read it carefully before taking any action through this website. If you agree to all of them, then only you should seek our assistance and vice versa. We want the visitors to note that there can be changes and modifications in terms from time to time. Hence, you can continue using the service only if you agree to the changes otherwise you can discontinue taking the assistance. To use the services provided at Help-number-usa.com, you should be of a certain age and should agree to these terms.

Contributing Stuff

A visitor is eligible to view information or run basic searches that too without filling any registration form. You can also visit our website for going through general stuff including blog posts, content, or data present. But, it is necessary to register with us for getting answers to your queries, posting comments, and to use our services. You may refer to our “Privacy Policy” to learn about how we use your data and what do we do with it.

We try our best to share the most accurate, updated, and recent information to the users but we do not promise for the same. If you do not feel satisfied with the information provided here, then you may cease taking our assistance. When you contribute stuff or share information with us, you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • You cannot use the Service to copy, abuse, or threaten people.
  • You allow us to view your stuff during the service.
  • The users are contributing authentic information and we find it fake or inappropriate, then we can delete it without any prior information.

User’s personal information

Before providing any information and submitting the registration form, a user should ensure that he is providing accurate and updated information. We may verify its accuracy whenever we wish to and you are responsible for protecting it from unauthorized access and use.

Removal of user information

You may contact us for canceling your registration in case you wish to cease seeking our service. We may also provide help for disabling your account, but we do not guarantee that your information will be removed. In addition to this, we may monitor your account and check if it is compliant with our terms. If we find anything inappropriate or irrelevant, then we may remove the information or disable your account.

Guidelines, Fees, Rights and Remedies

A visitor should not access or use the information for personal purposes even if he is a registered user. He can modify any part of the service only after taking our consent in a written mode. The service we provide here is free, but you may incur the Internet usage fee or mobile carrier charges for using our service. When you buy any of our services, your payment is processed through third-party software and hence we are not responsible if there is any failed payment or you want a refund, etc. If you find any copyright issues with the content present here, then you may report it to us with supporting pieces of evidence for the removal of the same.