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Google Chrome is an integral part of our digital life. It is available on Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS as well as accessible on all kind of smart devices. Google Chrome is an all-time favorite of millions of users around the world for professional as well as personal use. How to update the chrome browser on your PC is easy and safe for all users.

If your desktop or laptop has the protection of the latest security updates, Google Chrome will automatically update your browser when the latest version of Chrome update is available on your PC. We recommend you to keep the default Auto-Update settings. Every time Google Chrome makes an update, you will notice that your browser looks different.

How to update Chrome browser on your PC when available

Generally, Google Chrome updates occur in the background when you close and reopen your chrome browser. In case, you forgot to close your browser in a while, you’ll see a notification of the pending update on your screen. To update the chrome browser, you need to follow the instruction:

  1. Click on “Chrome” browser to open it on your computer
  2. At the upper right corner of the page, look at more
  3. If an update chrome browser is pending, a colored icon will display:
  • If the icon displays Green Color, it means the update is available for 2 days
  • If the icon displays Orange Color, it means the update is available for 4 days
  • If the icon displays Red Color, it means the update is available from a week.

To update the Chrome Browser, follow the instruction:

  1. Click on Google Chrome icon to open it on your computer
  2. In the top right-hand corner of the page, click “More”
  3. Click on the Update Chrome Browser, if the update isn’t available, it means your browser is already running on the latest update
  4. Click “Relaunch” to launch the update again

The Google Chrome browser will save your opened tabs and Windows and automatically reopens them when you reboot the system. If you want to restart the system later, then just click on the “Not Now” option and restart when you are ready. When you come back and open your PC, the updates are already applied.

Instruction to update chrome browser on MAC, Linux and Windows 8

  • For MAC Users: MAC users can also automatically update the chrome browser if Google Chrome is installed in your computer and updates are available. You need to visit “About Google Chrome” and initiate the “Automatic update chrome for all users”.
  • Linux Users: Linux users can update chrome browser by using their package manager.
  • Windows 8 users: You must close all Chrome windows and tabs on your computer, then “Relaunch” the chrome to apply the update.

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