Xfinity and Comcast have the same roots. Xfinity deals in TV, telecommunication and Internet services while Comcast created the Xfinity in 2010. Well, as a customer, I don’t care much who controls the services. However, they must deliver a customer-centric approach for all services to build a long-term customer relationship with all their customers.

Xfinity put its customers on high-priority and make sure they are happy with the services provided by the company. To meet their goal, they provide Xfinity customer services that are competitive, reliable with extensive quality features. They are available 24/7, or you can contact their expert technicians for technical support via phone calls, emails, Status center or Xfinity local store.

How should I contact Xfinity customer services

  • Phone Call
    • You can make a phone call on toll-free number to get expert advice or tech support on various issues. In case, you can’t log in to your account or forgot your username or password, then you can dial the number to get help on security questions, technical support and bill pay assistance.
  • Live chat
    • Live chat option helps you get instant solution for all your technical questions. You can get expert help on multiple issues through Xfinity customer services within minutes.
  • Billing
  • Xfinity TV support
  • Xfinity voice support
  • Xfinity Internet support
  • Xfinity Home Security
  • Xfinity App Support
  • Update My services Address
  • Activate new equipments

How to locate Xfinity local store for products and services?

If you face difficulty with options mentioned above and want a direct intervention of an expert to fix the problem, then you can visit the nearest Xfinity Store for your technical questions.

Xfinity stores exhibit all their latest products, including mobile services so customers can get firsthand treatment. You can locate the nearest Xfinity store using the Store Locator page. If you’re looking for Xfinity mobile, then follow the instructions to find a retail location for mobiles.

  1. Enter your city, State or postal code.
  2. Go through the “Filter Results “
  3. Next the button next to “Xfinity Mobile”
  4. Click the “Filter Results” tab

In case, you have a mobile phone, you can use Xfinity Mobile app to find the local outlet.

  1. Log in to your Xfinity account
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the screen to find a local store on Google Map under service center
  3. Click to “Google MAP” and navigate to the outlet location.

How to access Xfinity Status Center to check local outages?

You need to sign in to your Xfinity account to get access to the status center services.

  • You can check your Internet services, connection status, billing details, fix service issues and check local Xfinity outages.
  • The status center helps you to quickly detect issues and troubleshoot without an agent. Fix your service problems, internet issues and helps you to resume your favorite tasks such as watching movies and TV shows.
  • Use the outage Map and check for Xfinity service issues and outages in your nearby locations. It helps you to find out when you’re getting back online through an estimated resolution time to fix the issue.